What Are Some Tips for Removing Pine Sap?


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Remove pine sap from a car using a commercially prepared bug and tar remover. Spray the sap with the cleaner, allow it to sit and wipe away the sap. Use a box cutter blade to scrape hardened sap from auto glass. Remove the sap as soon as you discover it to decrease the chances of it causing permanent damage to the vehicle’s finish.

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If the sap is on carpet or fabric, use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer to dissolve it. Apply the alcohol to a clean paper towel and blot the sap; avoid rubbing the stain, which spreads it. The alcohol helps to dry the sap. Once it is dry, carefully pick it off the fabric or carpet fibers.

Remove sap from your hands or hair using hand sanitizer, alcohol or an oily product, such as margarine, peanut butter or mayonnaise. The oily products help to dissolve the sap so you can wash it away with soap and warm water. Oily products also help to dissolve sap from fabrics but can leave a grease stain that is difficult to remove. Only use them if alcohol-based products fail to remove the sap and you are certain you can remove any resulting oil spot.

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