What Are Some Tips for Removing Old Ink Stains?

Some tips for removing old ink stains include making a paste out of milk and cornstarch, soaking the stain in rubbing alcohol, making a paste out of vinegar and cornstarch and soaking the item in milk, according to RD.com. Sandpaper can also be an effective tool for removing ink stains from suede.

Cornstarch can help get ink out of tougher materials such as carpeting. To use cornstarch to clean an ink stain, mix it with milk until it forms a paste. Spread the paste over the stain and leave it to dry. Scrape off the dried mixture and then vacuum the area.

To clean ink-stained clothing with rubbing alcohol, simply soak the stain in the alcohol for several minutes, and then wash the item in the washing machine.

Vinegar can be an effective substance for cleaning ink stains. To remove ink with vinegar, soak the stain in vinegar. Make a paste out of vinegar and corn starch and work it into the fabric. Wash the garment after the paste is dry.

Soaking clothing overnight in milk can sometimes remove ink. To remove stubborn stains, mix some vinegar into the milk.

To remove ink stains from suede, carefully work at the stain with some fine-grit sandpaper. Use a brush to push the nap back into place.