What Are Some Tips for Removing Glue?


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The procedure for removing glue depends on the type of glue and the type of material you are working on. It is best to deal with the stain immediately to make it easier to remove.

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Check the glue package for any instructions on stain removal. If no instructions are available, and the material is washable, scrape off excess glue with a blunt knife and soak the garment in water. Wash in the hottest water that the fabric can bear, and repeat if necessary.

For Super Glue, use acetone and an old toothbrush. Reapply the acetone several times and use the brush to work on the outside and then on the inside. Cover the working area, because acetone can discolor and damage the finish of some surfaces.

On tables and floors, use acetone to soften glue and then start working on the glue using a brush or a blunt knife. Reapply acetone as necessary.

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