What Are Some Tips for Removing Chewing Gum?


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Tips for removing chewing gum from an item depend on the material; however, with the exception of leather and suede, the first step is to freeze the gum with ice so it is hard. Scrape away the frozen gum with a dull tool, and wash with an appropriate solvent.

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What Are Some Tips for Removing Chewing Gum?
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For materials such as wood, bamboo, fabric or wall coverings, a spatula or putty knife works to scrape away the excess gum. Using caution when scraping the gum away prevents gouges to the surface.

When gum is stuck in fabric, cleaning fluid helps to dissolve the residue that remains after scraping the excess gum away. With smooth surfaces, warm soapy water is often all that the final removal requires.

When gum sticks to felt, it is often possible to remove any residue using a soft-bristled toothbrush; however, if necessary, using a razor blade to shave off the residue is another possibility. Using the razor blade does remove some of the material, so it is a last resort.

Removing gum from leather requires scraping the excess material without freezing and then creating a large volume of soapsuds for cleaning the residue. Once the suds loosen the gum, the person wipes them away and conditions the leather. With suede, a gum eraser is the tool of choice for removing any gum residue without damaging the material.

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