What Are Some Tips for Removing Adhesive From Vinyl Flooring?


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To remove adhesive from vinyl flooring, start with the proper tools: a scraper, a squirt bottle, and a solution for stripping the glue. Acetone is a useful solution for stripping glue and can be found in acetone-based nail polish remover.

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In addition to acetone-based products, try using a general floor stripper or even mineral spirits. Pour the solution in a squirt bottle, and spray some on the adhesive. A spray bottle is useful, because it gives you complete control of the solution. It’s advised to test the solution on a small spot in an indistinct area of the vinyl before starting the project. For extra caution, pour solution on a rag, and apply it directly to the glue.

The solution must soak on the adhesive for a few minutes to loosen it up. The longer the solution sits, the easier the adhesive will scrape off. Push horizontally against the glue using the edge of the scraper, and avoid applying downward pressure. Rinse the floor with water once the glue is completely removed to ensure that there is no residual chemical residue. To accomplish this, simply wipe a dampened cloth over the vinyl flooring, and dry the tiles with another towel.

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