What Are Some Tips for Remodeling a Mobile Home?


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Tips for remodeling a mobile home include remembering that there are few, if any, interior load bearing walls, upgrading fixtures for an elegant feel and dealing with wood paneling. The construction process of building a home on wheels requires the exterior walls to bear the weight of the roof, allowing owners to move or remove walls inside the outer shell to maximize the use of space within the home. This allows transforming a chopped-up floor plan into an open space.

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Many older mobile homes used plastic doorknobs, chrome plated plastic plumbing fixtures and cheap sinks, tubs and toilets. Replace these fixtures with higher quality ones that are standard in stick-built construction and give a mobile home an upgraded appearance and feel. Before purchasing the new fixtures, determine if they fit the existing configuration or require major upgrades for installation.

Wood paneling is common in many mobile homes. Manufacturers use it because it requires no additional finishing after installation. For an upgraded appearance, consider refinishing the existing paneling to accentuate the wood grain that it contains or to create a lighter color. Some paneling is not made of real wood but consists of a vinyl print glued to particle board. Consider replacing such materials with drywall and using standard procedures to finish the walls for painting.

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