What Are Some Tips Regarding DIY Remodeling of a Bathroom?


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The first thing to do when remodeling a bathroom is to assess the budget of the project. A budget helps determine the supplies to be purchased, thereby setting the limits of the design and indicating to the owner which elements of the bathroom may feasibly be replaced.

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Another tip for remodeling a bathroom is to decide whether to go "green." Going green on a project is not only good for the environment but also good for the home. A green remodel on a bathroom may lower utility bills, and green remodeling is usually chemical free, which is good for the health of the inhabitants.

When performing a remodel, a money-saving tip is to reuse and refinish existing pieces in the bathroom. This may include the bathtub, sink, shower or tile. Another way to save money on a remodel is to work with the existing plumbing where it is. Only move the existing plumbing if necessary as this is a costly endeavor.

A DIY bathroom remodel may be a difficult task. To avoid costly mistakes, avoid tasks that are out of the capability of the person doing the work. If the person's experience does not match the task, consider hiring a professional.

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