What Are Some Tips for Refinishing a Fiberglass Bathtub?


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Tips for refinishing a fiberglass bathtub include using a palm sander with fine grit sandpaper to sand the entire tub, rubbing the tub surface with acetone to remove grease, spraying the bathtub with gel coat, and allowing the tub to dry before using it. Cover the surrounding areas with plastic and painter's tape to protect the tub from dust. Gather all tools and materials before starting the project. Wear gloves and safety glasses when working.

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A gel coat gun, acetone, sander and fine grit sand paper are handy for the project. To refinish a fiberglass bathtub, first sand the whole tub's surface with a palm sander and fine grit sandpaper, taking care not to scratch the tub. Clean the surface with a clean rag and acetone.

After sanding and cleaning the tub thoroughly, cover the surrounding areas, including the walls, with plastic to protect them and the tub from spray and dust. Secure the plastic with painter's tape.

Wear a respiratory mask. Put gel coat in a gel coat gun, and apply a thick, uniform coat of the gel over the entire surface of the tub. Let the coat dry completely before spraying another coat. Wait for a few minutes for the coat to dry, and, if necessary, add another coat. Clean the surface with acetone using a clean rag.

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