What Are Some Tips for Putting up a Canopy?


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A few tips for putting up a canopy are to use the correct anchoring for stability and to take into account factors such as wind problems, canopy site location and safety hazards. Instant canopy tents may be useful for a special outdoor event or for business/commercial purposes.

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If there is too much wind, these structures are prone to blow away. Additionally, they may not be strong enough to withstand a major storm. For these reasons, a good tip is to be aware of the weather conditions in a location prior to putting up a canopy.

Similarly, it is important to use the proper anchoring system for a canopy, which may be dependent on the specific location chosen for setup. The three main types of anchoring devices are anchors, stakes and weight bags. If the canopy location is the beach, then stakes and anchors may not be good options to keep the structure stable in case of strong winds. However, weight bags are the better option for this location.

If the installation of a canopy is necessary for business or commercial purposes, such as a farmer's market, then there are certain safety issues that may need to be addressed. To make sure that the canopy is anchored safely, it is advisable to use weight bags that are a minimum of 24 pounds for each of the canopy's four legs. However, certain canopy manufacturers increase this minimum to 40 pounds per leg for a 10-foot-by-10-foot canopy, as noted by the Washington State Farmers Market Association. The weight bags should also not pose a tripping hazard when placed against the canopy legs.

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