What Are Some Tips for Purchasing a Vintage Vending Machine?


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Tips for purchasing a vintage vending machine include checking the condition of the casing and electrical components, ensuring the authenticity of the machine and testing the dispensing mechanisms before committing to the purchase. Buyers should also understand the machine's year of manufacturing and brand to help determine the appropriate price.

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Buyers should always inspect a vintage vending machine in person whenever possible to fully understand its condition prior to making any agreements, as its state may greatly influence the final sale price. Its outer casing should be present and free of major cracks or dents, though some scratches and wear may be acceptable depending on the buyer's preference. The inspection should also cover any electrical components, such as internal lights or motors o see if they function, as broken components may require costly repairs and should thus reflect a lower sale price. It is also important to test the actual vending mechanisms, as this is the main feature of the machine.

Many buyers may also wish to check the authenticity of the machine to make sure it is actually from the appropriate era and not a fabrication or reproduction. The dating process varies between machines, but typically involves checking serial numbers, manufacturer names and the type of components that appear in the machine. In general, older vending machines carry a higher price than newer vintage models, making it another factor to consider.

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