What Are Some Tips for Purchasing Used Machinist Tools?


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When buying used machinist tools, ask the seller to run the machine to ensure that all the parts are working correctly. If you are purchasing a measuring tool, ask the seller when he last calibrated it. You should also consider whether it is easy to find replacement parts for the particular machinist tool.

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Consider the condition of the machinist tool when purchasing it. It is better to meet the seller in person and ask him to run the controls to ensure all the parts are in good order. If the seller has been honest about the machinist tool requiring repair, consider the type of damage the tool has, and incorporate the cost of repairing the tools into the final cost of buying it. This way, you can determine if the overall cost is worth it.

Measuring tools have to be calibrated often to work properly. Ask the seller when he last calibrated the tools. You may be able to calibrate the instruments yourself after purchasing them. However, some tools require an outside shop to calibrate them, which may increase the cost of purchasing them.

Some older machinist tools are no longer being produced, and it may be difficult to find replacement parts in case the tool breaks down. Therefore, it is better to purchase newer models of machinist tools and to look for popular brands.

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