What Are Some Tips for Purchasing Used Cubicles?


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Start by knowing the space in which you are planning on installing the cubicles; this helps narrow down the options. Additionally, be flexible regarding size configurations. It's OK to have a color scheme in mind, but this is another factor that you may have to be flexible about. Also, stick with cubicle models that are popular, as this ensures that you have an easy time finding replacement parts.

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Get as much information about the seller as you can: if you can find a track record pointing to a good reputation, it's a good sign. In addition, make sure the seller keeps an inventory that is detailed, because there are many parts that go into the making of a cubicle. These parts include bins, panels, work surfaces and connectors.

It's best if you can go check the product in person before buying it. This way you can see how much it has been used. However, if you can't go in-person, ask for pictures of when the product is standing. It's important to see the cubicle standing because this gives you insight regarding its sturdiness.

Make sure to have a clear budget in mind. A cubicle can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than $1,000 as of 2015.

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