What Are Some Tips for Purchasing Quality Bulk Top Soil?


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When buying quality bulk soil, some tips are to inspect the soil carefully to ensure it is screened, crumbly and has an earthy odor. Some other factors to consider include the topsoil's organic content and its percent of sand, clay and silt, as noted by the University of Connecticut's Extension Cooperative System.

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Topsoil is the upper layer of soil. For cultivation purposes, this range can be between five and 12 inches as stated by the University of Connecticut's Extension Cooperative System. When buying topsoil in bulk, customers should make sure that it is screened or free of any noticeable large debris fragments, such as rocks or stones that are larger than three inches. These rock fragments should not make up more than five percent by volume of the bulk topsoil.

Good topsoil may be dark in color, but another things to look for is organic content. Topsoil should have between two and 10 percent of organic matter. Similarly, its important to consider the soil's sand, silt and clay content for different applications. For use in gardens, sandy loam topsoil may consist of 25 percent silt, 60 percent sand and up to 15 percent clay.

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