What Are Some Tips for Purchasing a Propane Tank?


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When purchasing a propane tank, ask about the warranty, look at financing options, determine what is included in the price, and compare prices for renting and owning. Propane is cost effective and energy efficient for home heating, cooking and water heating. The typical home-heating customer uses about 1,500 gallons of propane annually and requires a 500-gallon tank.

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New propane tanks usually include a warranty. Prior to the purchase, discuss the warranty, parts and labor. Many companies also offer financing on approved credit. Check to see if you qualify for financing, and compare the cost of financing through the company versus other options for buying a tank.

Most companies include the cost of installation, along with any required parts, in the cost of the tank. When comparing quotes from several companies, be sure to determine what each price quote includes. Choosing a company that only quotes the cost of the tank, without the fees for installation or parts, can cost much more in the end.

Compare the cost of renting a tank versus buying one. Some companies offer free rental tanks but add surcharges for each delivery. If you rent or use a free tank, you must buy from the tank supplier. Purchasing a tank, on the other hand, gives you more freedom to choose your preferred model.

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