What Are Some Tips for Purchasing a Good Recliner Sofa?

What Are Some Tips for Purchasing a Good Recliner Sofa?

Before purchasing a recliner sofa, take measurements of the room in which it will be located. Make sure that the sofa will fit lengthwise and widthwise with the recliner part of the sofa extended. Some sofas are uniquely shaped to better fit into room corners.

A recliner sofa offers the best of both worlds with room for multiple guests to sit and a way to stretch out when needed.

When out shopping for sofas is a good time to check for quality of build and sturdiness. Good Housekeeping recommends testing the frame strength by lifting one corner of the sofa off the ground. When the corner is about six inches from the ground the parallel the corner should also lift off the ground, too. If it doesn't, this can indicate that the frame is too saggy or flexible and won't provide support.

Customers should also sit on the sofa and recliner to test the padding out. Check that the recliner extends and closes easily.

If there is a sales representative available, ask how the sofa is made. Those joined purely by staples, nails and glue are not as strong as those jointed with metal brackets or wood dowels.

A well-made sofa should have springs, not just webbing or mesh. Look for those that are made with "eight-way hand-tied" springs for the highest quality and strength.