What Are Some Tips for Purchasing Discount Building Materials?


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Tips for purchasing discount building materials include buying in packaged deals, shopping at mom-and-pop stores and paying in advance to receive discounts. Another tip for purchasing discount building materials is to compare prices of all suppliers in your area to get a price match or lower rate.

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Mom-and-pop stores have more flexibility to change prices because they are independent businesses rather than large corporations, which have minimum corporate sale prices. Ask someone with authority about discounts, such as the store manager or owner, as this shows a serious desire to purchase materials. Be polite and ask for 10 to 15 percent off, recommends This Old House.

Purchase all of the necessary materials from the same store if possible. This company loyalty often earns customers a package deal discount as well as other extras, such as free shipping or extended service plans. Buying in bulk makes customers stand out to businesses, which means the customers are more likely to get discounts.

Building materials such as tile, wallpaper, fabric and carpeting often follow trends. Once these trends go out of style, the building materials become less valuable and go on sale. Avoid excessively bright trendy materials, but neutral, earthy tones with simple designs still work well long after the trend fades in many cases.

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