What Are Some Tips for Purchasing a Cheap Air Conditioner?


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Tips for purchasing a cheap air conditioner include buying the correct size, choosing an energy-efficient model, looking for rebates and shopping in the winter. A properly sized, efficient air conditioner saves money over time, making it cheaper to run. Buying a larger air conditioner than needed costs more money upfront and it can function poorly.

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Buying an air conditioner during the off-season often means a lower price. Sales for air conditioners drop off at the end of summer and into the winter months when no one is thinking about cooling the house. Retailers sometimes drop the prices to get rid of the air conditioners.

An air conditioner that is too small for the space runs almost constantly to keep up with the cooling demands, costing more money in electricity in the long run. A unit that is too large can't properly dehumidify the space and may cause uneven cooling. The air conditioner package or signage in the store should display the approximate cooling capacity to help make the best selection.

Energy efficiency saves money over time with lower utility bills. Air conditioners with an Energy Star rating run more efficiently than other models. Utility providers and state energy departments sometimes offer rebates for energy-efficient purchases, which provides money back to the consumer for overall savings.

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