What Are Some Tips for Pruning and Caring for Orchids?


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Orchids require plentiful natural light, a well-ventilated area and an appropriate growing medium to thrive. It is necessary to determine the specific species of the orchid to provide ideal flowering conditions for the plant.

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Plant owners should allow the orchid's growing medium to become dry before watering, and they then water the plant until the growing medium is saturated to promote healthy growth. Orchids should be fertilized frequently throughout the year. During the growing season, growers need to fertilize the plants weekly using an appropriate fertilizer. During the winter and autumn, the plants need fertilization twice monthly.

Orchids that are grown indoors benefit from the use of ceiling fans or open-air conditions. Ventilation protects the plants from common diseases and mimics the plant's natural growing environment. Orchids also require plenty of sunlight. For indoor plants, growers need to place the plants in a sunny location and monitor the growth of the plant to ensure it is getting adequate light during the growing season. If the plant looks healthy but doesn't produce blooms, provide the orchid with more natural light.

To prune a mature orchid, a sterile razor blade is used to cut the flowers off at the base of the stem. Some orchids can be pruned by cutting the flower off above the node on the stem. Yellowed leaves are removed only when the leaves easily fall off the plant, and rotted roots can be removed with a sterile razor blade when the plant is dormant or transplanted into a new container.

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