What are some tips for polishing Corian countertops?


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Polish most Corian countertops using a mild abrasive cleaner and a scouring pad. The process takes many applications to provide the countertop with a glossy finish, but this method is cheap and effective for most semi-gloss Corian countertops. Polishing a matte or rough finish Corian countertop in a short amount of time is an involved process that usually requires professional service.

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Corian countertops that originally had a glossy finish require very little effort. A soapy water or ammonia solution combined with a little elbow grease is all these countertops require to restore a polished finish. If the countertop has minor scratches, the abrasive method is usually sufficient for restoring a glossy finish. Professional intervention is usually necessary for seriously scratched surfaces.

Professionals polish Corian countertops using low-speed orbital sanders, progressively finer grades of sanding film and special sanding liquids. This process is very expensive for a number of reasons. First of all, the equipment itself, particularly the many different grades of sanding film and sanding fluids, increase costs. Secondly, because Corian is a plastic resin, it produces enormous amounts of very fine plastic dust when sanded. This dust is not only difficult and time-consuming to clean, it necessitates special safety equipment like respirators to protect refinishers form inhaling the dust.

Maintaining a refinished Corian countertop is also quite labor-intensive. Preserving a glossy finish requires monthly buffing, and scratches or damage require additional rounds of professional refinishing.

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