What Are Some Tips for Planting Vegetables?


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Some tips for planting vegetables include placing the garden in a sunny location, starting the seedlings early inside, adding compost to the soil a few week in advance of planting, and applying a layer of mulch around the base of the plants. Many plants, such as squash, melons and cucumbers, can be planted vertically around a trellis to save on garden space.

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When planting vegetables, first consider the location. The plants need to have access to plenty of direct sunlight. It is also convenient to plant the garden close to the kitchen, to quickly get to the vegetables. Because it takes a while for compost to leach into and combine with the soil, work in a generous layer of organic matter a few weeks before planting. Instead of working the compost into the ground in the spring, do it in the fall after harvest, by spreading a layer of compost topped by a layer of mulch on the soil. No mixing is required.

Start plants from seeds indoors before the spring, so that the seedlings are several inches tall for transplanting, providing a jump-start on growth. However, some plants must be planted in the garden bed directly from seed, such as corn.

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