What Are Some Tips for Planting Staghorn Fern?


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Plant staghorn fern in well-draining material, or mount it on wood because, as an epiphytic plant, it grows on other plants instead of in soil. The growth medium needs to be well-draining and allow for good air flow.

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To plant a staghorn fern in a container, fill a pot containing drainage holes with fern fiber, shredded pine bark, sphagnum moss or osmunda fiber. Alternately, use orchid potting medium, or plant the fern in a wire basket containing a 1 1/2-inch layer of sphagnum moss and 1 inch of wood chips mixed with 1 inch of organic matter. To mount the staghorn fern on wood, place a small amount of the aforementioned potting medium on a piece of cypress fir or cedar wood, and secure it with a little glue or pantyhose. Once the plant's fronds become established and grow securely around the wood, the fern is firmly attached and the pantyhose can be removed.

Place the plant in indirect, bright light in a warm area. Because the staghorn fern is native to tropical forests, it requires a high humidity level that can be replicated indoors by misting the plant with water often. Every week, feed the plant slow-release fertilizer pellets, and water the plant regularly, making sure that it drains completely before watering it again.

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