What Are Some Tips for Planting a Shooting Star Hydrangea?


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Plant a shooting star hydrangea by selecting a site with partial sun exposure or full shade, using well-drained soil and preparing the planting site. A shooting star hydrangea needs a location that is shaded from direct sunlight, because heat and light can harm the plants.

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Take a soil test to make sure the location has a pH between 5.5 and 6.5, and add lime or aluminum sulfate to adjust the pH accordingly. It's important to treat the soil several months before planting so that the soil pH has time to adjust. Make sure that the soil is moist and well-draining. Work compost into the top layer of soil to improve drainage.

Dig a hole that is wider and nearly as deep as the rootball. Loosen the soil with a gardening fork, and gently remove the hydrangea from its container. Place the roots in the soil so that the top of the rootball is at least 1 inch above the hole. Tamp the soil back into the hole, building a well around the plant to hold water. Water it well with up to 15 gallons of water. Add a 3-inch layer of wood-chip mulch on the soil, and water the plant regularly to keep the soil moist.

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