What Are Some Tips for Planting Hollyhock Flowers?

What Are Some Tips for Planting Hollyhock Flowers?

Some tips for planting hollyhock flowers include ensuring that the soil pH is within the ideal range, spacing out plants and selecting an area of the garden where they can thrive. Gardeners should also ensure that the garden beds have adequate drainage.

Before planting hollyhock flowers, gardeners should ensure that the soil conditions in the bed are appropriate for the plant. Hollyhocks prefer soil pH levels between 6.0 and 8.0. Use a soil testing kit to test the soil and amend the beds as necessary. To improve growing conditions, add organic matter to the soil or work a fertilizer high in nitrogen and phosphorus into the beds.

Hollyhocks require full sun to grow well and bloom, so gardeners should always choose sunny beds for hollyhock plants. Although the plant stalks are very stable, gardeners should also ensure that there is plenty of shelter from strong winds. Hollyhocks grow well next to walls, which can provide adequate shelter.

When planting hollyhock flowers, always space plants 18 inches apart. Leave at least 36 inches of space between rows of plants to give them enough space to grow tall. When growing hollyhocks from seed, space seeds out appropriately. Plant seeds between February and March or September and November.

Hollyhocks require plenty of water to thrive. However, too much water can cause pests and fungi to thrive. Make sure beds have enough drainage before planting.