What Are Some Tips for Planting Fruit Trees?


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Some tips for planting fruit trees include choosing the proper time for planting, planning around your existing space, planting the trees in mobile containers if you live in a cold area, getting self-pollinating plants, and giving the trees time to produce fruit. The trees also have to be watered and fertilized correctly.

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Before planting, choose varieties of fruit trees that thrive in your climate. For instance, avocado trees are tropical plants that require a humid, warm environment, while apple trees thrive in northern, colder climates. This decision also depends partially on space requirements. Because apple and pear trees are cross-pollinators, two are required to produce fruit, which occupies more space. On the other hand, peach and orange trees are self-pollinating plants that require less space. Dwarf trees, which grow considerably smaller than full-sized trees, also work well in small areas.

Because many fruit trees such as peach, avocado and pear trees require several years of growth before producing fruit, expect to put many years into the plant before getting anything back. If growing citrus or avocado trees in a northern climate, plant them in pots that can be moved indoors during the winter. Place fruit trees with access to full sun, and keep them well-watered; a drip irrigation system works well. Fertilize the trees only in the spring using a high-nitrogen solution.

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