What Are Some Tips for Planning a Kitchen Layout?

What Are Some Tips for Planning a Kitchen Layout?

According to interior designer Jacqui Hargrove, think ahead and put function first, allowing for plenty of storage room. Electrician Richard Terode says to be aware of the position of your light source. Another tip is remembering that the modern kitchen is the hub of the home.

There is no ideal kitchen shape, according to Jacqui Hargrove, and when planning a kitchen layout, make the sink, fridge and cooktop within 6 feet of each other. This is for ease of movement and is the same whether your layout is a galley, U-shaped or L-shaped.

She also says to use all your available space. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not planning for enough storage. Overhead cabinets can go all the way up to the ceiling, rather than leaving a dust-collecting gap. Use deep drawers for easy access to pots and pans, and store appliances that would otherwise clutter a countertop.

Richard Terode says overhead lighting only is insufficient in a kitchen where the light may fall behind you and cast a shadow on your workspace. He says to go for under-cabinet lighting because it shines directly on the countertop.

Jerome Buttrick, of Buttrick Wong Architects, says that people want an efficient workspace, storage, and some basic parameters to separate the wine-drinking guests from the kitchen action. According to him, the best way to do that is an island.