What Are Some Tips for Picking Out Lowe's Patio Furniture?


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Some tips on choosing Lowe's patio furniture are to look at the furniture set type and size for a specific patio, framing construction options and chair and cushion styles, notes Lowe's. Other tips for patio furniture can also include the type of care or maintenance it needs and its ease of storage.

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When shopping for patio furniture, a good tip to keep in mind is to compare the furniture size to the home's patio space. A small patio requires furniture that is comparable to its size. There are different patio furniture set styles, such as bistro, dining and conversation sets, states Lowe's. Each set type is appropriate for different sizes of patio or outdoor spaces. A bistro is more suitable for a small patio, while a dining patio furniture set may be more appropriate for a large outdoor space.

When choosing patio sets, it also is important to know about the different framing construction materials that are available, such as wood, plastic, wicker, steel, aluminum, bronze, or iron. Each material can have its advantages, such as plastic requires less care and maintenance than wood. Of these different materials, iron is the most strong and can withstand gusts of wind without blowing away like its plastic counterpart. Additionally, iron framed or wicker chairs may need cushions for added comfort.

To add some color to patio furniture, colorful cushions are suitable options. To extend the life of patio furniture, their storage may be an appropriate choice when they are not in use, according to Better Homes and Garden. By choosing stackable or foldable patio furniture, it may make for easier storage of these pieces.

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