What Are Some Tips for Permanently Getting Rid of Gophers?


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To get rid of gophers, set traps or flood their tunnels with water. Alternatively, fumigate them with engine exhaust. Another good method of getting rid of the gophers is by using castor oil granules, which are all natural and good for the lawn. The latter method doesn't harm the gophers, it just gets them out of the yard.

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Live and lethal traps for gophers are also effective as long as they are set properly. Another option is finding the gopher tunnels and flooding them with water. The gophers either drown or escape and don't return. To fumigate the gophers, attach a hose to the exhaust end of a lawnmower and put the hose into the tunnel hole.

Castor oil pellets are a very effective method at getting rid of the gophers and keeping them out of the yard. Spread the granules in an even layer throughout the yard by using a spreader. Choose areas of the yard where the gophers have caused the most damage. After laying down the granules, wait for the rain to dissolve them and release the scent. For people that don't live somewhere with a lot of rainfall, apply water to the granules with a garden hose.

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