What Are Some Tips for Palo Verde Tree Care?

Palo verde tree care tips include using well-drained soil, mulching the plant, watering it regularly and giving it plenty of room to grow. If growing a palo verde tree from a seed, plant it in shallow 1/4 to 1-inch deep holes, and place the pot in cold frames on warming mats at 70 degrees Fahrenheit until germination.

Before planting a palo verde tree, make sure the planting site has extremely fast-draining soil. The water needs to run through it in less than a minute. Use soil made up mostly of sand with some compost or perlite. The tree needs to be in a location with indirect sunlight and shade only during its first two years of life. Lightly mist the foliage with water. After it has become established, it needs to be moved to a place with direct sunlight.

Avoid watering a full-grown palo verde tree as it is drought-resistant and thrives in desert environments. Natural rainfall is more than sufficient. Space the palo verde trees at least 20 feet apart so that they have sufficient room to grow. In optimal conditions, the tree can grow up to 35 feet tall. Because nothing can grow underneath the palo alto tree, avoid adding grass or flowers underneath the tree's drip line.