What Are Some Tips for Painting Wood Trim?


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Tips for painting wood trim include opting to both sand and apply primer to wood trim before painting the desired color to remove excess dirt, bumps, scratches and imperfections. Sanding also helps the trim to appear smooth and prepares the wood for the primer and new color or stain.

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Another tip is to tape off areas near the wood trim that do not need exposure to primer or paint. People who paint the walls the same color as the wood trim only need to tape the carpet area below the trim. Individuals painting only the trim should tape above the trim or remove the trim completely to paint in another area to avoid smudges on the walls or carpet. Those who opt to remove and paint the trim in another area should gently remove the wood trim to avoid damaging the existing structure.

When painting wood trim white, applying a primer before the first layer of paint prevents dark wood from staining through the white paint. Primer also helps to keep paint from peeling off the wood trim. Using a brush to apply paint and then smoothing over the paint with a paint roller often provides smoother results with less paint-drip marks.

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