What Are Some Tips for Painting Veneer Furniture?


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Tips for painting veneer furniture include preparing the surface by sanding, applying a primer and painting with the top coat. If the veneer is in poor shape and applied over solid wood, remove the layer, and proceed with painting. Avoid confusing veneer, which has a thin layer of real hardwood over the surface, with laminate, which has a thin paper or plastic material with a printed wood grain pattern glued to the surface.

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The glossy finish on the surface of veneer furniture often causes a new layer of paint to peel easily once it dries. Prevent this problem by sanding lightly so the surface loses its glossy appearance. The fine lines the sandpaper creates give the new coat of paint the grip it needs to stay in place.

Apply a coat of primer before the finish coat. The primer helps to give the finish coat a more even appearance. A good primer prevents stains from bleeding through the new finish.

Older veneer pieces often have a solid lumber core of less expensive soft wood under the hardwood veneer. When the veneer gets wet, the glue often releases, and the veneer buckles. When painting these pieces, one method of dealing with the uneven surface is by peeling it away to reveal the solid wood below. If there are cracks between the boards that make up the core, fill them with wood filler, and sand the surface to prepare it for painting.

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