What Are Some Tips for Painting and Staining Brick Fireplaces?


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Tips for painting and staining brick fireplaces include cleaning the brick thoroughly beforehand and priming the brick with an oil-based primer. Another tip is to choose paint designed to withstand temperatures of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Before painting or staining a brick fireplace, use a wire scrub brush to clean the bricks so that the paint adheres to the bricks correctly. This ensures that the fireplace is free of dust, dirt and other particles that interfere with paint application. Put on gloves and safety goggles, apply non-sudsy trisodium phosphate to the fireplace, then wash the fireplace using a heavy-duty cleaner. Rinse the fireplace with water and wait for it to dry. Tape any surrounding areas that are not supposed to be painted to prevent paint from spilling onto them.

Apply an oil-based primer to a drop cloth and wipe the fireplace. The primer provides resistance against soot stains. Let the primer dry, then paint the largest areas of the fireplace using a paint roller designed for textured surfaces. Use a paintbrush to paint crevices and hard-to-reach areas of the fireplace.

Use indoor latex paint of the flat, semi-gloss or gloss varieties. Apply at least two layers of paint to the fireplace and a third layer if needed. To paint the inside of a brick fireplace, use a special heat-resistant paint.

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