What Are Some Tips for Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets?

Before painting laminate kitchen cabinets, prepare the cabinetry by cleaning any grease or dirt from it, and then sand it to create a paint-receptive surface. To prevent the final paint finish from chipping from the plastic surface, first apply a bonding primer to the prepared surface.

When removing hardware from cabinetry, label the pieces according to their specific cabinets, as one piece of hardware may not align correctly on a different cabinet.

Clean the cabinetry by wiping any large particles off the cabinet surface with a wet rag and then applying a chemical-based solvent to remove lingering film. DIYNetwork.com recommends wearing proper safety equipment, such as protective eyewear, gloves or a face mask, when using a caustic chemical cleaner.

When scuffing the surface of the plastic laminate, use a coarse-grit sandpaper before applying a primer. Certain paint manufacturers produce primers specifically formulated for laminate surfaces. ThisOldHouse.com advises using a spray primer, which creates a more even surface on laminate.

Because airborne grease and dirt often settle on kitchen cabinet surfaces, use an oil-based paint that is easier to clean than other paint finishes.

When applying multiple coats of paint, use a fine sandpaper between coats to ensure a smooth finish.