What Are Some Tips on Organizing a Small Library?

What Are Some Tips on Organizing a Small Library?

To organize a small library, plan and execute a system that sorts your books by genre, subject, alphabetical order or any other classification feature. Organizing the library not only saves you time when retrieving books but maintains a neat appearance and creates room for more books.

First, determine what you have in your library. If there are books you do not intend to keep, put them aside for donation or sale. Sort the books into piles of different subjects or sizes. The bigger books do not fit well on shelves with smaller ones. Identify the books you least require to reference. Those are better arranged in places that may be harder to reach.

Create a system that is logical, makes sense and easy to figure out for your friends or family. It can be by theme or subject. For example, design and architecture books can be grouped while all reference books are shelved together. Other considerations may include size, language or genre.

A computer program can help you in making a more comprehensively sorted system. Cataloging software enables you to organize your library by capturing as many details of the book as possible. This may include the ISBN, title, year of publication, author, number of pages, cover type and table of contents, among other features.

Your library should be dry to prevent your books from getting damaged. Ensure you have a well-aired space away from potential damage including water pipes and leaks.