What Are Some Tips for Organizing Food on Amana Refrigerator Shelves?

What Are Some Tips for Organizing Food on Amana Refrigerator Shelves?

When organizing food on Amana refrigerator shelves, hinges and shelves can be adjusted to accommodate large items, and utility bins on the door can be removed if needed. The coldest shelves should be reserved for meat, milk and eggs to reduce the risk of spoiling.

Food can be organized in an Amana refrigerator to allow for easy access but also to ensure freshness. For example, vegetables should be placed in the high-humidity drawer because vegetables remain fresh with more moisture. Fruit should be stored in the low-humidity drawer or crisper because fruit keeps best when stored in low-moisture environments.

Deli meats and cheeses can be organized neatly in the shallow meat drawer, which typically slides out near the middle-center portion of the refrigerator. Preserved meats such as hot dogs and bacon should also be placed in the shallow meat drawer.

Beverages and condiments placed in utility bins on the door of the refrigerator help to keep the unit organized. Condiments and beverages usually keep longer because they contain preservatives, salt and vinegar. Utility bins on the door work well for jams, syrups and jellies.

The primary shelves of the refrigerator can be reserved for ready-to-eat foods and leftovers. Food that does not need to be especially cold can be stored near the top and middle shelves.