What Are Some Tips for Organizing Bathroom Cabinets?


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To organize bathroom cabinets, start by assigning each cabinet a different use, such as a medicine cabinet and makeup cabinet. After that, use a combination of storage containers and labeling to organize them.

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After assigning each cabinet a classification, organize each one individually. Start with the medicine cabinet if there is one in the bathroom. Get rid of anything that is past its due date. Be careful when throwing away medications; it is best to bring them to a local pharmacy where they can dispose of the pills and bottles safely. Keep medications in boxes or packages on their own shelf and away from shelves with pill bottles. Keep prescription bottles on a shelf separate from over-the-counter pills. This makes it easier to locate what is needed.

Use small bottles and jars to store smaller items, such as cotton swabs, cotton balls and hair pins. Place these bottles in their own cabinet. It keeps the cabinet looking nice and well organized, and it keeps the items off the countertop.

For makeup, organize it in a similar fashion as the medicine cabinet. Get rid of old makeup and nail polish, and then separate the makeup into different items. Keep eye shadows, lipsticks and blushes in separate groups.

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