What Are Some Tips for Natural Pest Control?

To naturally prevent and control pests, maintain lawns and gardens, and clean the home on a regular basis to remove the pest's food sources. Remove all water sources from the home and property. Control ants and cockroaches by spreading food-grade diatomaceous earth in the affected areas of the home. Use a vacuum to kill single insects, such a lone spider, or to remove isolated nests of insects.

To maintain the lawn, mow grass frequently, remove large patches of dense vegetation and keep debris, such as piles of lumber, off the ground. Remove water sources by examining interior and exterior faucets for leaks, and repair leaks immediately. Drain and dry sinks after use, and remove puddles of standing water on the property.

Indoors, seal cracks and crevices with caulking, and apply caulking to the area around water pipes. Store food in tightly sealed containers, and clean garbage bins with soapy water daily.

To control mice or other rodents, place traps in the affected areas of the home. Control fleas by regularly combing the pet with a flea comb, and wash bedding and other infested material in hot, soapy water. Allow beneficial insects, such as honeybees and ladybugs, to remain undisturbed. Beneficial insects often help control pest species.