What Are Some Tips for Moving a Shed?


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Tips for moving a shed include emptying the contents prior to the move, raising the shed and using polls to roll it to a new location and disassembling larger structures that may be more easily transported in sectional pieces. Either metal scaffolding poles or wooden fence poles should be sufficient for moving most smaller structures once they have been lifted and raised with an automotive jack.

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The easiest way to move a shed is with a crane or a forklift. Such heavy equipment can simplify the process and ensure that sheds are not subject to excessive stress during transport, but they often require considerable expense. Forklifts may also provide an effective way to lift and move a shed. Transporting smaller sheds by hand often requires only a few tools such as hydraulic jacks, pipes or tracks.

Clear the area of any debris or obstructions before ensuring the shed and path of transport are level. After positioning rolling pipes or tracks, raise the shed by the corners using a hydraulic jack. Once the shed is raised, push it along the tracks or rolling pipes slowly until it reaches its final destination. Reuse rolling popes multiple times by re-positioning each pipe in front of the shed once it has rolled over the pipe completely.

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