What Are Some Tips for Mold Removal?


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Some tips for mold removal include removing the moisture in the area, fixing all plumbing leaks, isolating the molded area from the rest of the space, disposing of all moldy porous materials and thoroughly scrubbing mold off of nonporous materials, such as a wall, states the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Porous materials such as carpet, ceiling tiles and couches should be disposed of if they have had any contact with mold.

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Reducing the moisture in the area can involve removing water leaks or can involve using a dehumidifier to draw the moisture out of poorly constructed homes. When a home is made without insulation, when the weather is colder moisture often appears on the wall and leads to mold. When cleaning the mold from the area, a person must wet the mold with a mixture such as dish soap and water or Timbor. The mold should be cleaned and then the area should be dried thoroughly.

It is also important for people who are cleaning mold to properly protect themselves to avoid injury. Wearing a mask with a strong NIOSH N95 rating is important, states the Harrison County Health department, as is wearing goggles for eye protection. Cleaners should also wear long sleeves, long pants and gloves. Mold that is alive or dead contains spores that often lead to allergy problems including asthma symptoms. It is also important to close off the rest of the house to the moldy area to ensure that the mold does not spread.

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