What Are Some Tips for Mixing Mortar?


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The correct viscosity for mortar can be accomplished by using a proper mixing technique and knowing when to stop. The mortar is ready for use if the ledges you make in the mortar mix stand up. If the mortar starts to dry out while it's being applied, add some more water to the mixture.

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Some other products, such as chemical plasticizers or masonry cement are available to make it easier to attain the correct viscosity. Pick out a good grade sand to use when mixing mortar. Make sure that there is no clay-like material in it to prevent it from creating a paste. There are several types of mortar mixes available on the market, so be sure to choose the correct one for the type of project being completed. There is special dye for mortar, so if a mortar of a specific color is needed, mix the dye into the mortar.

It is important that all the mortar that is used in a project is the same, so use the same quantities and types of materials for every batch that is made. After all the materials have been added, mix mortar for three to five minutes. It is always best to open a fresh bag of cement when making mortar, as the bags that have been opened a long time may have absorbed some environmental humidity and the properties may have changed. In addition, one mortar is mixed, it can only be used for one and a half hours.

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