What Are Some Tips for Maximizing Small Closet Spaces?


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Some tips for maximizing small closet spaces include getting rid of unnecessary items, adding closet organizers, using the space from floor to ceiling, and adding over-the-door storage. Painting the closet a light color and adding lighting brightens the closet and makes it feel bigger while making it easier to find items.

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When closet space is at a premium, cluttering it up with unnecessary items is a waste of space. Go through the items stored in the closet to determine if they still fit and are things you still wear. Donate or toss anything that is just taking up space. Relocate items that don't belong in the closet.

Installing a second lower closet rod offers double the hanging space in the closet. Home improvement stores sell closet organizers with various shelves, drawers and other spaces for speciality storage. This allows you to maximize the space with storage specific to the items in the closet. Drawers work well for small accessories. Divided shelves provide a spot for folded clothes, such as sweaters.

A shoe rack or freestanding drawer set makes the floor space in the closet functional. Adding shelves at the top of the closet allows all of the space near the ceiling to be used for items you don't access often. Over-the-door storage options include shoe racks and accessory holders that put the unused space behind the door to work.

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