What Are Some Tips for Making Tulle Pot Scrubbers?

What Are Some Tips for Making Tulle Pot Scrubbers?

Some tips for making tulle pot scrubbers include cutting a rough-textured tulle fabric into strips for using as yarn, using a crochet hook of the appropriate size to form a circular scrubber, and making the scrubber double sided to give it a padded texture. Also, increase the number of stitches in subsequent rounds to increase the circle's size, and decrease the same to make the scrubber double sided.

Use a tulle fabric with rough texture instead of a soft and fine one to make the scrubber sturdy. To cut the fabric into strips, fold it into long rectangles each measuring 1 to 1 1/2 inches in width, and cut along the folds.

To make a yarn out of the strips, join their ends via square knots, and roll the yarn thus formed into a ball to render it easy to use. Use a crochet hook of H to J size, and start with four chains. Use a slip stitch to make a small circle, and crochet around it to make the scrubber.

Use single crochet stitches for the first round, and single or double crochets for the subsequent rounds. Slip stitch to complete each round, and then make two chains if using single crochets and three chains if using double crochets.

To increase the circle's size, crochet two stitches in each round's first stitch, and one stitch in the second one, and repeat till the end of the round. In subsequent rounds, make one stitch in the second and third stitches. Increase stitches in this manner till the circle becomes 3 or 4 inches in diameter.

To make the scrubber double sided, decrease one stitch in every round. To finish the project, cut the yarn leaving a tail of 6 inches, and weave this into the scrubber.