What Are Some Tips for Making Your Own Futon Frame?


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Tips for building a futon frame include measuring the space before building, sanding the wood to prevent splinters from damaging the pad, and adding an extra support beam for king and queen futons. Futons provide seating that doubles as a bed. Most quickly convert from one function to the other.

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Prevent injuries to the shins by rounding the corners of the futon frame with a jigsaw. Use a circular saw for all straight cuts. Use a screw gun and power sander to reduce the manual labor that building the frame requires.

Unlike mattresses common for other beds, futons do not include internal support. They depend on the external frame for this support. Even and close spacing of the slats ensures the mattress does not sag and become uncomfortable with use. The materials that form the mattresses require that the frame provide sufficient air circulation for the evaporation of moisture it collects with use, preventing the growth of mold or mildew in the stuffing.

Basic futon frames are often low to the ground; however, there are plans available for frames that lift the mattress so the seating is at the same level as a sofa. These plans often require advanced carpentry skills and additional hardware to provide adequate support for the mattress.

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