What Are Tips for Making Distressed Kitchen Cabinets?


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Some tips for making distressed kitchen cabinets are to determine the desired look, strategically sand and paint to achieve that look and use an antique glaze. For a more distressed look, beat the cabinets with hammers, nails and chains. Just be careful to avoid damaging the cabinets during this process.

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One important tip for distressing kitchen cabinets is to avoid over-distressing them. The idea is to maintain a chic look without crossing the line into shabbiness.

To lightly distress kitchen cabinets, use sandpaper around the edges to create a worn look. Make sure to sand only those areas that normally wear down to give the distressed cabinets a natural look. After distressing the cabinets, paint them with a protective seal to maintain the look.

Another option is to add layers of paint to the cabinets and sand them down until pleased with the finished product. Once this is done, apply an antique glaze or distressed finish. The color of the distressed finish depends largely on the color of the cupboards. Use a light blue finish if the kitchen has a country theme or a white finish for an antique look. For a more modern kitchen, use a black or a red finish.

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