What Are Some Tips for Making Compound Miter Cuts?


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When making compound miter cuts, always test the angles with scrap material before making the final cut. Bear in mind that the cuts are directional, so there is always a left side and a right side. To make compound miter cuts on a band-saw, lay the wood flat and cut at the desired angle. Rotate the wood 90 degrees and make the second cut to complete the compound.

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Compound miter cuts are commonly used to construct crown molding. Not all walls meet the ceiling at a perfect 90 degree angle, and charts showing the miter and bevel settings for various angles are available at DeWalt.com. The charts help carpenters cut crown molding at the perfect angles for the room.

To cut crown molding on a regular miter saw, hold the molding upside-down in the saw. This is the same way the molding is mounted in the room, so the only necessary steps are to calculate the miter angle and make the cut.

Use a combination protractor to quickly calculate the necessary angles for crown molding, and look for miter saws that bevel in both directions to simplify the compound miter cutting process. For extra precision, add a laser light fixture to the miter saw. The laser shows exactly where the saw blade is aiming, which helps to remove any need for guesswork.

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