What Are Some Tips to Make the Freezer More Efficient?

What Are Some Tips to Make the Freezer More Efficient?

A freezer can be made more efficient by regular defrosting, proper maintenance and temperature control. Making a freezer more efficient means decreasing the amount of work it must do to keep items frozen.

It is generally recommended to defrost freezers twice a year or when the frost has built up to 1/4 inch or more. Built-up frost greatly decreases a freezer’s energy efficiency.

An individual should vacuum dust off the freezer’s coils two to three times each year. Damaged or worn door seals should also be replaced. If a person shuts a sheet of paper in the freezer door and can easily pull it out, the seals need to be replaced. The appliance owner should occasionally apply petroleum jelly to new seals to maintain their good condition.

A freezer’s temperature should not be set below the recommended 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

To save energy, a freezer should be stored away from direct sunlight and any heat sources. It should also be kept where it has at least 1 inch of space on all sides for sufficient air circulation.

Freezers are more efficient when full, though not when overcrowded. Extra space can be filled with containers of water, newspapers or shipping peanuts. Hot foods should be cooled before storing. Energy can be saved by covering foods and storing them in glass containers. Additionally, commonly used foods can be stored at the front of the freezer so the door is not held open as long.