What Are Some Tips for a Light Socket Replacement?


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Tips for a light socket replacement include turning the power off before starting the project to avoid shock, gathering all the appropriate tools for installation, and choosing a replacement socket of the same size and wattage as the old socket. Avoid fastening the socket too tight to prevent it from breaking.

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To replace a light socket, switch off the power, loosen and unclip the globe while holding it in one hand, and set the globe aside. Unfasten the mounting brackets that hold the light fixture in place, rotate the fixture to align the screw heads into the larger slots of the fixture, and then unscrew and remove the fixture. Unscrew wire nuts, pry the nuts off the wires, detach the wires, cut off the ground connection if necessary, and pull the wires out of the socket.

Pry the light bulb out of the socket, remove the wires from the socket, and pry off the socket with a screwdriver. Dispose of the old socket. Ensure that you keep the socket screws.

Secure the replacement light socket in its position, and reinstall the bulb. Wire the fixture appropriately, and twist the fixture to align the larger slot holes and allow the mounting screws to pass through. Clean off the fixture globe, and tightly reinstall the globe. Turn on the power to test the new socket.

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