What Are Some Tips for Laying Shingles?


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To lay shingles, first remove any nails, limbs or debris that may be sticking out on the roof. Install a drip edge and staple the felt to the roof. Lay down a row of starter shingles at the bottom of the roof along the edge. Lay the remaining shingles one vertical strip at one, working from the starter shingles to the ridge.

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Prepare the roof by removing any debris, limbs and nails. Tack down two layers of felt membrane, and ensure that the edges overlap by at least 2 inches to protect the house from weather. Use a chalk to mark the center of the roof, and then draw a line from this point to each roof edge.

Lay down a starter strip shingles at the bottom of the roof along the edge. Make sure that about 5/8 inch of the shingle is hanging beyond the edge. Place shingles on the starter strip beginning from the center point. Secure every shingle using nails in an orderly manner until the whole roof is covered. Bump shingles against each the other, and follow the same pattern from the starter strip to each edge.

Shingle around the chimneys, vents and stacks as necessary. Bring the ridge edges together with a ridge-capping layer. This can be done using ridge shingles or by cutting several regular shingles and bending each to fit properly on the roof.

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