What Are Some Tips for Lawn and Yard Care?


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To take good care of your yard and lawn in the fall, it is essential to fertilize them. This provides additional nutrients for the plants, which they can absorb and use in the winter to gain strength and develop stronger roots. It is also a good idea to power seed, as it makes the yard healthier and denser.

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Aerating the lawn also improves its condition, as it provides the plants with oxygen and nutrients and helps it to recover after summer. Make sure to remove leaves from the yard every week. This ensures that the grass has access to the sunlight that it needs to produce all the necessary compounds for the winter.

To take proper care of the lawn in the summer, make sure that the lawn gets at least 1 inch of water every week. It may need more water if the weather is very hot and dry. It is easy to keep track of the amount of water a lawn receives by using a rain gauge or a regular can. Avoid watering the lawn too frequently with small amounts of water, as it prevents the grass from developing strong roots. If the lawn becomes brown, don't water it until fall. It is more likely to recover by itself when the season changes.

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