What Are Some Tips for Lawn Spraying?


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Lawn spraying for weed control should involve the use of a hose-end sprayer or compressed air tank sprayer for maximum results with the application aimed 18 inches above the top of the weeds. Individuals should spray in a sweeping, back-and-forth motion to cover the entire lawn.

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A backpack power sprayer or compressed air tank sprayer works well for bug control, especially when battling hibernating caterpillars, insect eggs, scales and mites migrated into the lawn. Home owners should also work to grow healthy grass before spraying products and chemicals to control bugs and weeds. Thick and healthy grass is commonly a natural defense against weeds and may eliminate the need to spray the lawn with chemicals and weed killers.

Home owners can choose from a variety of sprays designed to enhance growth of green grass and eliminate the growth of weeds or an infestation of insects. Pre-emergent herbicides are ideal as a spot treatment for weedy patches during the summer dormant or winter season. These chemicals kill growing plants and are most effective when the plants are actively growing. Nonselective herbicides are designed to kill all plants or grass that come into contact with them. Home owners should avoid spraying these chemicals on the entire lawn and only use them for spot treatment.

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