What Are Some Tips for Large Tree Transplanting?

What Are Some Tips for Large Tree Transplanting?

Tips for large tree transplanting include pruning the roots in advance, transplanting the tree at the right time and transplanting the tree with its soil attached. When digging out the tree, it is important to mark the branch facing north to keep the tree oriented when planting. Wrap the soil ball with burlap before transplanting.

Prune the roots of a large tree several months or a year before transplanting it to give the roots enough time to heal. This minimizes transplant shock and allows the tree to develop new feeder roots around the root ball to be transplanted.

Pruning happens in the fall in readiness for transplanting in the spring. For certain trees, it's better to prune in the spring before buds appear in readiness for transplanting in the fall. After pruning, it's important to ensure the tree gets enough moisture.

The best time to transplant a large tree is in early spring just after the frost has melted away but before the tree starts to leaf out. For fall transplants, it's better to move the tree when the leaves start dropping and the tree enters dormancy. Before moving the tree, it's important to prepare the transplanting hole. Its width should be 50 per cent wider and the same depth as the root ball. Moisten the hole before planting the tree.

Dig around the tree several inches wider than the pruning area. Lift the plant from underneath, and wrap it in burlap or a wet newspaper to keep the roots moist. Plant it in the new hole, and water it regularly.